YOOX-Gründer Federico Marchetti im Interview

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YOOX ist einer der erfolgreichsten Internet Shops für anspruchsvolle Mode. Gegründet vom ehemaligen Investmentbanker Federico Marchetti, hat sich YOOX zu einer profitablen Plattform entwickelt, die in mehr als 25 Länder liefert.

Vor kurzem hat Marchetti von sich reden gemacht, als seine YOOX Group im November den Start des „Master of E-Fashion“-Studienganges in Zusammenarbeit mit dem italienischen MIP (Business School of the Politecnico di Milano) bekanntgab, der den wachsenden Bedarf an Absolventen im E-Commerce Bereich decken soll.

modabot befragte in diesem Zusammenhang Marchetti zum Thema Online Fashion.
Das Interview wurde auf englisch geführt.

Why did you launch yoox.com?
I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and therefore I did everything that was necessary in order to acquire the knowledge and skills needed in the quickest time period.
After living in New York for two years, where I was surrounded by creativity, color, and life, I returned to Milan to all this grey. At this point, I had already become acquainted with the fashion sector as I had been a personal advisor to several CEOs and designers in the fashion industry during the period of the Internet revolution. In 2000, I decided to combine my knowledge of fashion and the Internet to create yoox.com, a virtual retail „format“ and an innovative model of communication and distribution that utilizes the Internet’s potential for fashion.
Today yoox.com is the No.1 virtual boutique of multi-brand fashion & design in the world.

What is it that makes yoox.com special?
Thanks to a direct relationship with designers, manufacturers and authorized dealers, yoox.com is an infinite ever changing archive that proposes rare and pioneering styles, which are difficult to find in traditional shops.
Curious and continuous scouting into new creative possibilities makes yoox.com an innovative online space offering exclusive collections by prestigious designers, a carefully selected range of end-of-season clothing and accessories at accessible prices; from vintage collectibles to capsule collections by cutting-edge designers and a unique assortment of books, design and art objects.

What makes a good online fashion store?
In my opinion, the keywords for the success of an online fashion store are:
– Innovation: a selection of unique products.
– Service: yoox.com has always strived to have excellent customer service. Our primary objective is to make the customer’s experience on yoox.com entertaining and satisfactory. For this reason, yoox.com’s shipment, free returns and refunds, customer care and call centers are organized in such a way to contribute to an impeccable shopping experience.
– Privacy: Instead of being stuck in a small dressing room, customers can try on garments in the comfort of their homes, while also seeing if they can mix and match the item with other pieces from their wardrobe

What are some of the future challenges that you see for online fashion stores?
The Internet is becoming a „jungle“…
As the Internet grows in popularity, we also believe it is becoming crowded, and at times lacking in creativity. The future will lie in creating unique „spaces“ that are entertaining enough for people to seek them out via word of mouth rather than by a word search on Google.
In the same way that sophisticated travelers crave hidden destinations off the beaten track, the same will apply to online destinations – the hunt will be on for the elusive hidden gem waiting to be found.

What do you think of the new Web 2.0 platforms that allow everybody to open a store like in Etsy, Hokohoko, ShopWindoz, etc.?
It’s a different e-commerce channel, something that would provide a place for small-time artisans to sell their creations.

Tell us about the Online Fashion Studies Program in Milano and how are you involved in it
The first Master of E-Fashion, created by YOOX Group in collaboration with MIP (the Business School of the Politecnico di Milano) and top Made in Italy fashion brands such as Giorgio Armani, Diesel, Marni and Valentino, sets out to unveil the secrets and strategies of the rapidly growing E-Fashion sector.
I managed to involve almost all the big names in fashion. E-fashion is a sector which nobody has studied but in the future, professionals from the fashion world will be equipped to converse with the net, understand trends, study strategies and in turn, their knowledge will be greatly sought after.
YOOX will train professionals with its wealth of knowledge and thus, they will in turn, be included in the job market also thanks to the participation of partner companies.

Tell us about the concept of your additional project thecorner.com
thecorner.com is the natural next step to confirm YOOX Group’s position as the worldwide internet retailing partner for the leading fashion brands.
Launched in 2008, thecorner.com is an online „department store“ featuring the latest collections by avant-garde international designers and a selection of premium niche brands from Italy. It is a reference point for shoppers looking for quality and innovation.
From the enthusiasm of the first results, we’ve decided to add another 20 brands for Fall/Winter ’08 (among others Martin Margiela and Raf Simons).

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Photo Credit:
Luca Cottinelli