Particular questions about the phrase of like or sexual desire for idols )

step 3.step 3 Ethical considerations, constraints, and you will reflexivity

Most of the professionals finalized told agree forms to ensure that it participated in the fresh interview with full expertise in the dangers and you can great things about the analysis. They can will not answer questions once they feel shameful, since some questions regarding expressions off sexual appeal and sexual positioning would be painful and sensitive for the majority of interviewees. Also, detailed information and you will solutions including the idols interviewees try idolizing, interviewees‘ frustration that have users on the partner people, as well as their statements towards the main-stream media’s profile for the fandom-relevant activities are not shared with some one outside it search. Pseudonyms have been in addition to made available to make certain respondents‘ confidentiality. The quotation of the many anonymized pointers and you can stuff in this look could have been passed by all of the interviewees.

In terms of limits from the look, to start with, the high quality and you may reliability out-of interview may vary, once the respondents can get withhold otherwise alter facts, and regularly they might refuse the underlying linkage between the opinion and techniques (Berger 1998). Eg, you to interviewee mentioned that “I really don’t need married and also have high school students, however, I really do require one thing to remain myself then followed. That is why I buy idol dolls.” Nevertheless when I asked, “do you believe idol dolls certainly are the solution to family members?” She responded, “no, I think they (to invest in idol dolls) merely an arbitrary passion.”

Another restriction will be based upon this new class. Even when on the 60 % of your own idol toy buyers is people, teenagers (aged from 13 to help you 18) and additionally gamble a crucial role throughout the idol-toy fan community. not, young people aren’t included in the analysis since it is difficult to acquire parental consent and you may adolescent assent (i.e., an enthusiastic affirmative agreement to participate). A more impressive sample involving a whole lot more adolescent members is anticipated getting upcoming lookup on comparable information, which offer an even more done knowledge of reasons about fans‘ idol-toy purchases.

As for the research reflexivity, since the a member of Gen Z and additionally an enthusiastic idol-toy customer who may have very first background knowledge about idol-cotton-toy use and you may enthusiast culture, brand new specialist might have been watching mother fans‘ buy practices to own a great lifetime. The new mutual socio-cultural record and you may experiences assisted the writer contact legitimate respondents and you can obtain faith from their website, thereby helping the writer to advance probe in their fundamental reasons. Yet not, due to the researcher’s strong resistance to the stigmatization and criticism off fangirls off main-stream news, the researcher can get oftentimes failed to keep basic and you may have accidentally expressed her own feedback inside the interviews.

4 Overall performance and you can conversation

This area presents the main conclusions uncovered on thematic research officiell webbplats, which could be divided into several major layouts, (1) Mother fans‘ psychological needs and you can (2) detection in the lover neighborhood.

cuatro.step 1 Mother fans‘ mental needs

Depending on the textual research out of nine chose posts, traditional news only interprets admirers since users, targeting their financial advantages and overlooking the mental needs. There’s also a tendency to criticize fans‘ practices and lover people. That’s, the acquisition off idol dolls, while the a specific sort of the fresh lover discount, is negatively presented as “unreasonable use from the immature and fanatical (female) fans”. Furthermore, idol-enthusiast society can be regarded as “distorted”, “chaotic” or “out of hand”, in addition to lover cost savings around that it circumstances was translated since the a beneficial technique for “exploiting fans” and thus “would be minimal”. For this lookup, it is necessary in order to de–stigmatize idol-lover culture and understand the problems and you can emotional means off mom fans, because this may help uncover fans‘ motives for buying idol dolls.