Any group members with a Facebook Dating profile will filter through your potential match list

Make connections with individuals who already have similar hobbies and interests by including a Facebook group in your match options. This gives users a chance to connect with people in a specific niche.

Simple Matching Process

Once your profile is set up, you can start sorting through potential matches. Facebook Dating does not have a swipe feature likes its competitors Tinder and Hinge. The hope is that users will think more about who they are liking and passing on to create a platform for more meaningful relationships.

When selecting potential matches, click the heart for a „like“ or the „x“ for a pass. You can choose to comment on or like a specific portion of the profile. Liked profiles procurando Belga mulheres receive a notification on who liked the profile. This individual can then go take a look at the other person’s profile. If they are interested, the individual can like the profile to create a match. You can start a conversation once you match.

Safe Messaging

The Facebook Dating messaging feature is different from the standard Facebook Messenger. The platform does not allow you to send links, photos, money, videos. This is meant to be an added layer of privacy protection for users. However, if you and your match are ready to take the next step, you can move over to Facebook Messenger to video chat or send pictures.

Unique Features

The days of bumping into your ex on an online dating site are over. Facebook allows you to go through and block certain profiles from your matching options. This feature allows you to block certain individuals that you might have just unfriended on your regular account.

Facebook offers a second look feature that allows you to rethink your choices. Sort through your suggested matches in reverse chronological order to see if you want to change any of your decisions.

The secret crush feature lets you select up to nine of your current Facebook friends or Instagram followers. The secret crush list is only visible to you. If your secret crush puts you on their list, you both will receive a secret crush match notification. The secret crush feature is unique to Facebook Dating and allows you to make connections with people you know in real life.

The Bad

  • Not Pay-to-Play
  • Only Available on Smartphones

Not Pay-to-Play

A common concern with free dating platforms is the level of commitment from users. Users required to pay a monthly fee are often more invested and committed to finding a potential partner. Facebook Dating may not be ideal for those looking to find a long-term relationship. However, since the Facebook app is free, you can always try the platform along with other online dating sites.

Only Available on Smartphones

Facebook dating is only available on IOS and Android devices through the Facebook mobile app. You cannot access the dating app features on a desktop browser. This could be a potential roadblock for less tech-savvy individuals.

The Bottom Line

With the introduction of its online dating service, Facebook has become a viable competitor in the online dating industry. Because of its large social media market share, Facebook is positioned to quickly expand its dating app user base. Since the dating platform is free, you will find a wide variety of users with different intentions. You can match with individuals who share mutual friends, or people with no previous connection.

Facebook Dating offers many unique features to help consumers connect through their social media accounts. The matching process is simple but still supplies enough information to make educated decisions. As the app gains popularity, expect more opportunities to meet your perfect match.