+46 Trade Show increases the number of exhibitors

Following the success of last +46, the trade show for progressive fashion brands has increased the number of swedish exhibitors as well as international ones.
The trade show continues to take place in the centre of Stockholm at Enskilda Galleriet (37 Kronobergsgatan).
New for this season is a specialized area for sales agents where they will be able to showcase their brands together.
+46 continues to attract the best buyers and media from the Nordic region.
+46 will begin with the highly prestigious +46 Awards fashion show on the 16th August.
The danish fashion designer Nikoline Liv Andersen is the winner of this years award and will showcase her collection in the evening.
Throughout the 16th-18th August there will be additional catwalk shows during the trade show; Örjan from Weekdays will premiere his new brand Qoniak in Sweden and Jojo&Malou will stage their first ever show in Stockholm.
There are also shows from Ulrika Sandström, Pimpinette, Ladies & Gentlemen and Diana Orving.

The following exhibitors will be displaying their collections at the +46 trade show:
Swedish Brands:
Rodebjer, Julian Red, Pudel, So Last Season, Stylein, Dagmar, Dadas Diamonds, Jojo&malou, Pace, Fraulein Von Haust, Skyward, Our Legacy, Josefina lar, PicaPica, Saga, Svensson Jeans, Pia Semensen, Whyszeck, Gram, Kling, Permanent Vacation, Ladies&Gentlemen,
Pimpinette, Ulrika Sandström, Bea Szenfelt, Cheap Monday, Qoniak, A Bug Collection & Pseudonym.
International Brands:
Nikoline Liv andersen (+46 Awards winner), Bernhard Willhelm shoes (Germany), AB-irato (France), Misericordia (France), Peter Jensen for bStore shoes (Denmark), Retro Superfuture (Italy), Antti Asplund (Finland), Las Cosas Que Nos Elevan (Greece), Soulland (Denmark),
Potpoti (Germany), Daniel Pailillo (Finland), Rozalb de Mura (Romania), Regine Mowill (Denmark), Issey Miyake watches (Tokyo), Edwin (Japan), Alessi watches (Netherlands), S.N.S (Denmark), SBU (Italy), Buskbus K (Denmark), Puffa (Great Britain), Cycle (Italy), Christine Bec (Great Britain), NOM*d (New Zealand), Works Untld (Denmark), D.A.T.E. (Italy), FaFaFa (Denmark), Folk (Great Britain), Shoefolk shoes (Great Britain), bStore shoes (Great Britain), Opening Cermony shoes (USA), Eley Kishimoto shoes (Japan/Great Britain).

+46 will also be the arena for researcher Otto von Busch and the Vienna based avant-garde label Wendy&Jim.
Otto von Busch is an haute couture heretic and fashion renegade. In his project Self Passage he´s hacking the operating system of fashion. at his lecture during +46 he will invite the audience to discuss his theories.
Wendy&Jim will exhibit a number of photographs with the desire to make the viewer re-think how to use clothes.

About the mainPartner PUB
About the main partner PUB Image is everything; the new PUB department store is all about that, and more.
Pub is passionately re-inventing and re-building itself with pop culture, music, art and of course fashion in focus. The new Pub has street fashion and vintage mixed with haute couture and the latest progressive designers from around the world.
Each floor represents its own unique expression and visual statement. The new Pub has already begun with the awesome rags store and Pub is taking new steps every day.

+46 is this season partnering with some of the most influential fashion media in the world such as Super Super (UK), Ozon (Greece), Code (Netherlands), Indie Magazine (Austria), Cover (Denmark), Pig (Italy), Kasino (Finland), Pulp (Belgium), Ashadedviewonfashion
(France), Wad (France), Noovo Magazine (Spain), Style & Family Tunes (Germany) & HintMag (US).
+46 will be media partnering with Swedish media – Rodeo, People Sverige and ODD Magzine.

For further information regarding +46 please contact:
Martin Bundock
P: +46 8 692 6271
m: +46 704 283 717

Kristian Rajnai
p: +46 8 691 45 57
m: + 46 73 610 40 80

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