Street Fashion Photography Exhibition and Fashion Blogger Meeting in Berlin

Robert Cassidy and Luisa Kos of The StyleScout

On April 20 2007, an important event took place in Berlin.
Located in the Create Berlin Showroom and organized by Natasha Binar, founder of the no.mad agency for Art and Fashion, the exhibition „Catwalk takes to the Street“ (April 20 – May 8, 2007) was launched, showing photographs from two popular „Street Fashion“ Blogs, The Style Scout/London and StilinBerlin/Berlin.

Natasha Binar of no.mad agency

The exhibition also became the platform for a meeting of fashion bloggers and other internet media representatives.


The exhibition and the meeting are important events in two respects:
First, what is usually only published online was transferred to the „analog world“ and presented in an art space, hereby declaring it a culturally relevant phenomenon.

Street Fashion Photography, as defined by the famous „straight up“, is not only a means of featuring individual style and self-expression, it can do much more. It is a source of inspiration for people all over the world, a mirror of the zeitgeist, and in our times of globalization a document of the tension between local identity and global homogenization.

Mary Scherpe and Benjamin Richter of StilinBerlin

Second, the event was a manifestation of a rapidly changing global media landscape.
Driven by the internet and cheap electronic equipment many processes of human interaction are transformed.

Mahret Kupka of F&ART

Florian Köhler of bored&beautiful

In Fashion, every established aspect of inspiration, communication, cooperation, marketing and consumption is questioned by the internet.
There are Blogs for Street Fashion, Fashion PR, Fashion Photography, Fashion Business, Casting; there are Portfolio Platforms, „regular“ or „Social Shopping“ sites, communication platforms like IQONS, and even internet Fashion icons like Diane Pernet , who can be traced all over the world through her blog.

The phrase by „purple fashion“ publisher Olivier Zahm that „the magazine is fashion“, is being replaced -or rather complemented- by a new one.
Today you could say „The internet is fashion“, and it offers a conceptual potential that is infinite.


Video: Henriette Bornkamm
Foto: Ines Grabner
StilinBerlin Interview: Katharina Höller

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