Some questions regarding the phrase regarding love or sexual fascination with idols )

step 3.3 Ethical considerations, limits, and you will reflexivity

The professionals signed advised concur forms so as that it took part in the new interviews that have full experience with the risks and you may advantages of the research. They could decline to respond to questions when they getting awkward, due to the fact particular questions about words out of sexual focus and sexual orientation will likely be sensitive for almost all interviewees. Also, more information and solutions like the idols interviewees are idolizing, interviewees‘ dissatisfaction which have people regarding the enthusiast society, as well as their statements into the mainstream media’s records on the fandom-related circumstances are not distributed to somebody outside of so it lookup. Pseudonyms have been along with provided to be sure respondents‘ privacy. The new quote of all anonymized suggestions and stuff contained in this browse could have been passed by most of the interviewees.

When it comes to constraints of the lookup, firstly, the standard and precision of interview can vary, since the respondents get keep back otherwise change suggestions, and frequently they may deny the underlying linkage anywhere between their thoughts and you can practices (Berger 1998). Particularly, you to definitely interviewee asserted that “I do not need partnered and then have students, however, I do need something you should keep me personally then followed. For this reason I buy idol dolls.” But when I inquired, “do you consider idol dolls will be option to family?” She answered, “zero, I think they (to acquire idol dolls) is simply an arbitrary interest.”

Another restrict will be based upon the newest demographics. Even if regarding 60 % of one’s idol doll customers is actually grownups, teenagers (aged regarding thirteen to 18) and play a crucial role on the idol-doll lover area. But not, young adults are not within the study because it is hard to track down adult permission and you will teenage assent (i.age., an affirmative arrangement to participate). A more impressive test associated with alot more teenage members is anticipated for coming lookup to the similar information, which offer an even more complete comprehension of motivations trailing fans‘ idol-toy sales.

Are you aware that research reflexivity, since the a member of Gen Z and additionally a keen idol-doll customer who’s got very first background understanding of idol-cotton-doll application and you will partner community, the fresh specialist might have been watching mommy fans‘ pick methods to own good while. The mutual socio-cultural records and you will knowledge aided the writer contact reliable respondents and get trust from them, and thus helping the writer to further probe to their hidden motivations. However, because of the researcher’s good effectiveness brand new stigmatization and you may complaint out-of fangirls from main-stream media, the new specialist can get at times failed to stay neutral and may have inadvertently expressed her own viewpoints inside interviews.

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cuatro Results and discussion

So it area gift ideas an important results uncovered in the thematic studies, which is split into a couple of biggest themes, (1) Mother fans‘ psychological needs and you will (2) identification on the lover area.

cuatro.step one Mommy fans‘ psychological means

According to textual research from nine selected content, main-stream mass media merely interprets fans as customers, concentrating on the economic significance and you may overlooking their mental needs. There’s also a propensity to criticize fans‘ practices and fan area. Which is, the acquisition away from idol dolls, just like the a specific style of the fan savings, try adversely presented because the “unreasonable application by the unformed and compulsive (female) fans”. Also, idol-fan people is seen as “distorted”, “chaotic” otherwise “unmanageable”, while the fan economy less than it circumstance was translated while the a beneficial technique for “exploiting admirers” for example “are going to be minimal”. For this lookup, it is important so you can de–stigmatize idol-fan people and you may see the fight and you can psychological means from mommy fans, as this could help figure out fans‘ reasons for purchasing idol dolls.