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IQONS ist die Online Plattform, die seit einigen Monaten von sich reden macht.
Sie ist eine Art “MySpace für Mode”, und hat das anspruchsvolle Ziel, die Modebranche zu revolutionieren.
Die Idee hinter IQONS ist einfach: alle, die sich für Mode interessieren, seien sie aktiv Beteiligte oder passive Beobachter, bekommen eine Plattform zur Verfügung gestellt, auf der sie sich vorstellen und mit anderen in Kontakt treten können.

Die relativ hohe Dichte von Gleichgesinnten kann und soll Kooperationen ermöglichen, die die verschiedensten konkreten Formen annehmen können.
Dabei ist bemerkenswert, welche prominenten Namen IQONS schon auf der Plattform versammeln konnte, ein sicheres Zeichen für die Respektabilität und Vernetzung des Projekts im internationalen Modegeschäft.

Gegründet wurde IQONS vom Venezuelaner Rafael Jimenez, einem ehemaligen Comme des Garçons Mitarbeiter und Mit-Entwickler des Guerilla Store Konzepts, und Suran Goonatilake, einem Modeunternehmer und -finanzier.
Ausserdem konnte Diane Pernet als “Co-Mentor” gewonnen werden, die u.a. das IQONS Filmprojekt “You wear it well/Got a minute?” initiierte.

modabot hatte vor kurzem die Gelegenheit, Rafael Jimenez einige Fragen zu stellen, die hier im Original veröffentlicht werden.

How/Why did you come up with the idea for IQONS?
When me and my business partner Suran were looking with a lot of interest at the web 2.0 phenomenon where users are the content generators and MySpace skyrocketed some respectable names in music, we got excited about translating that power that people can have and use it in Fashion.
After working for Comme des Garçons, it is difficult to find an exciting work so after seeing different houses I decided to go alone and explore new fields. I then consulted mostly for people with a pioneering idea or technologies in a quest for something new.
I always believed that changes in fashion came through major social changes or through the use of new technologies.
IQONS combined the 2 factors: a major social revolution made through the internet. Perfect, I said.
We thought that Iqons could open lots of doors for people to create new associations so we adapted this tool then to the industry in order to serve our purposes, which are, to build a global platform where people connect, show their work, exchange information, and get the opportunity to have a visibility independently of who they know and where they live.

What can IQONS do for people?
Firstly, it can help them with visibility. You can potentially be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Millions in the near future.
It can help people get connected with high level people and connect talented people with the fashion industry with who we have relations.
For example, during Milan Fashion Week, we brought 8 designers of our community to show in Milan for their first time at White Tradefair show, all 100% free.
There are many other ways and we want to enhance this.
IQONS also creates Projects with influential and respected partners in the fashion industry for our members to participate in.
The first IQONS Project is “You Wear It Well / Got A Minute?.
There are 3 other projects coming out soon destined to promote people in design, stylism and modelling.
This area will be in constant evolution proposing projects in new different areas.

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Rafael Jimenez in Comme des Garçons Blouson

Are there any new features coming up?
Catwalk Rating is a brand new feature that we were the first to launch in Fashion.
This feature allows viewers to leave ratings and comments for each look, which has started some very interesting discussions already.
Next, features will be added to make the network more useful – such as member managed events, sending group messages and even live instant messaging. These will all appear in the next couple of weeks.
However, the most important new feature this week will be the arrival of new Featured Iqon Franca Sozzani, editor in chief of Italian Vogue and L’Uomo Vogue, probably the most respected and influential fashion publications in the world.
Franca will be interviewed by our Diane Pernet and then in the course of the month she will be selecting her favourite portfolios among the image artists of the IQONS community.

How many members does IQONS have right now?
We are soon to be approaching the 10.000th member!

What is your most interesting experience that you have had with IQONS?
Seeing the press conference we did in London in February for the launch be overbooked 5 times and when I saw Victor & Rolf joining on their own.

Where do you want IQONS to go in the future?
I want Iqons to be the place to view Pop Culture through the eyes of fashion and inject raw energy and creativity.
I would like Iqons to open doors and change the ways people connect in fashion.
I want Iqons to contribute to renewal and innovation injecting views coming from other areas.
I want Iqons to be a melting pot of talent, creativity and information.

IQONS – Set Fashion Free
IQONS Profil von Rafael Jimenez

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