Interview mit dem Produzenten und Gründer der +46 Tradeshow Kristian Rajnai

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+46 Tradeshow; +46 Awards Show

Die junge Stockholmer Tradeshow „+46″ hat mit ihrem Ansatz Aufsehen im skandinavischen Modemarkt erregt. Ähnlich beispielsweise dem Berliner ideal Showroom versucht die +46 durch eine konzeptionelle Vermarktung progressive Mode zu fördern und organisiert desweiteren die „+46 Awards“, deren Show sich zu einer der wichtigsten in Skandinavien entwickelt.
modabot hat dem Produzenten und Gründer Kristian Rajnai einige Fragen über die +46 gestellt.

What is the conceptual, aesthetic and economic background for initiating the +46?
+46 started in August 2006. We had been working with different fashion projects here for some years and started +46 in Stockholm because we wanted to improve the fashion atmosphere here.
We have had a period in Sweden where many of our most talented designers chose to work abroad because of the absence of any real fashion atmosphere here. I think that this has started to change with the opening for example of +46.
With +46 we aim to create a platform for progressive fashion in Scandinavia that will give our best designers a reason to stay here in Stockholm side by side with some of the most interesting designers from around the world.
And by being restrictive in which designer we allow to exhibit we aim to create a context that holds a high international standard, attracting buyers and press from around the world.

Where do you see your position in the tradeshow market?
+46 is at the moment geographical located in Stockholm but our intention and perspective is always international. In a Scandinavian perspective +46 is much needed as a balance to more commercial fairs like Cph Vision for example.

What have been your experiences so far?
The response has been really good. Last +46 we increased the numbers of exhibitors with about 100%, but could easily grow 200% if we had accepted all brands that applied for +46. The press have liked us from the start and every time we have done +46 the press has increased.
Our aim is to continue to establish +46 on an international level and continue to grow, but not too fast.

Do you see any characteristics in Scandinavian fashion design?
Sweden has a lot of extremely talented designers but the fashion scene lacks diversity. We have some designers that I think have and will make the road for the rest like Ann-Sofie Back, Patrik Söderstam and Sandra Backlund.
Swedish brands are also in the frontier of the strategical and business aspect of running a label. Acne and Cheap Monday are good examples of that.
We are also confident that fashion in some time will replace music as Sweden ́s creative export #1.
I think Denmark also has some amazing talented designers like for example Helle Mardahl, Kathrine de Place Bjorn, Jens Laugesen, Peter Jensen, Stine Goya, and Henrik Vibskov.
All of them have a unique style so it ́s really hard to generalize it.
But for me Danish fashion is characterized as more street, playful and colorful like Henrik Vibskov and WoodWood. It ́s also more common for the Danish designers to have a background at Saint Martins, which makes a mark on their design.

Thank you Kristian.

Fotos: Oskar Paulsen / Vidvinkel

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