Hidehito World Ausstellung im Best Shop Berlin

hidehito world

Best Shop Berlin wird am 01.03. – 30.03.2007 dem jungen japanischen Designer-Künstler Hidehito Shinnou eine Ausstellung widmen. Für Shinnou, dessen Arbeit sich im weitesten Sinne im popkulturellen Kontext von Ästhetik und Produktion/Verwertung ansiedelt, ist dies seine erste Solo-Ausstellung in Europa.

Aus dem Pressetext:

Hidehito Shinnou works with different elements from typical Japanese lifestyle magazines. Surfaces from media, advertising, fashion, sneakers and cartoons are mixed in hybrid forms.
Shinnou deconstructs and reconstructs in an individual style independent of Japanese fine arts influences as for example Murakami.
There´s an almost floating originality in the works that spans from plain and ironic sneaker motives to random collections of bruised forms that are remote resemblance to organic forms. The figurative drawing style is a reduced minimalism reflecting on the chaotic daily scenes of in hectic Japanese modernity. The playful universes are twisted with much wit and humour to unconventional zapping over pop-culture, modernity, consumerism and hedonism.
His improvisational and playing style contains a reminiscence of Basquiat´s mixing of deconstructed elements but instead of referencing modern life as deconstructed abstraction Shinnou rather proceeds with the dilution of colour and orientation through creation of the complex new characters in his own universe: What one could call the “Hidehito world.
The twisted characters become metaphors for the modern individual caught between fragmentation, sampling of styles and nature as the origin: A hybrid language that bears of all the elements of the life in the technological age.
Hidehito is exhibiting for the second time in Europe. The exhibition is his first solo exhibition in Europe.

Ort und Zeit:
01.03. – 30.03.2007
Eröffnung: 28.02.2007 18-21 Uhr
an evening with HIDEHITO drawing live
Music by Melasse Soundsystem and free Coke

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