ESMOD Berlin führt englischsprachige Ausbildung ein

Die Modeschule ESMOD macht den Standort Berlin international attraktiver und wird ab September 2011 ihre 3-jährigen Ausbildungen Stylist und Modelist zusätzlich zum Deutschen in englischer Sprache durchführen.
Aus der Pressemitteilung:

Study Fashion Abroad: ESMOD International Fashion School Berlin is launching its first full time diploma in English.

From September 2011 ESMOD Berlin will be offering for the first time its 3-year diploma course in English. As the first fashion school in Berlin to offer such a beneficial language choice for students as well as with its worldwide network of schools, ESMOD Berlin provides an excellent international environment for students aiming to work within the fashion industry in the future.

The diploma focuses on both fashion design and pattern making and covers in detail the practical skills involved in putting together a professional collection as well as the theory behind fashion, textiles, art and culture. The course enables students to develop essential practical skills as well as professionalism and confidence through a compulsory practical internship at the end of both the first and second academic years. ESMOD Berlin also focuses intensely on languages, being the only fashion school in Germany to provide their students with the option of learning Chinese, preparing students adequately for international career prospects.

Creation and creativity is dreaming up something no one has ever thought of or made before. At ESMOD Berlin you will acquire the fundamentals, apply them to ultimately establish your own sense of fashion and style. Gain excellent command of ideas, theory, designs, fabrics, techniques, and colours to show the world something it has never seen before and aspire to amaze even the professionals of the fashion industry with your unique way of expressing fashion. With partner schools in such fashion capitals as Tokyo and Paris, students are encouraged to take part in exchanges during the course in order to gain international experience and develop networks and industry contacts abroad. ESMOD Berlin works directly with professional fashion companies and fashion professionals, preparing the students for the realties of the fashion world and helping build direct networks in advance. This is done through a series of lectures as well as workshops held by large fashion companies throughout the academic year.

The course begins mid September 2011 and is full time. Students are required to attend lessons from Monday to Friday.
Enrolment Procedure:
Candidate’s applications are evaluated in chronological order upon arrival.
For 2011: From November 1st 2010 to July 31st 2011
Please inform us if you are applying for the English or German 3-year course.

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