After a lengthy eight days, I’ve complete the fresh new Wheel of energy. You will find specific issues

Once i is studying for every single publication, We left a word document of all of the inquiries I’d within the discover. Certain might possibly be issues which were sooner never resolved otherwise certain would-be short details that we missed thus i simply wanted to ask here to find out if individuals understands these types of solutions. I don’t remember the perspective/circumstance for the majority ones questions and so i apologize if they are extremely effortless answers, I might provides just forgotten to type the newest answers inside the time of understanding and i also forgot all of them by now. Many thanks for your own assist.

That is the individual you to definitely wants secret passageway away from Mayene to Illian away from Bayle Domon? Just who had written the latest forged page “signed” from the King from Cairhein? Bayle suspects the group taken to price terms were of Cairhien. The fresh coins you to definitely Bayle Domon gotten as fee had Tar Valon marks.

What’s Lanfear’s connection to Perrin’s prior self? Within the Perrin’s fantasy, he was putting on a beneficial gilded Lion’s direct (Andor sigil?) head protection having silver armour with his axe.

Who had been the newest channeler that interrogated and you may murdered Sahra Covenry during the the new farm? Section 17 – Deceptions. (My personal suppose was Moghedien)

Why is actually Faran (a member of the children of White) very wanting to kill Perrin after which troubled when Dain Bornhald halted the transaction?

She calls him “my wildling”

  • “Simply tell him [Demandred] I understand just what he or she is as much as.” Events to the south got Demandred’s draw around them. Demandred got usually liked using proxies. “I won’t has your or their family members [Darkfriends?] interfering in my own preparations. As long as it keep away from myself, his lackeys can be carve out exactly what he wishes.”

Why did the fresh new Black You to definitely acquisition Semirhage to send Trollocs to attack Sammael’s Trollocs in the attack to your Stone regarding Rip?

She phone calls him “my wildling”

  • Brand new lion blade, the fresh new dedicated spear, she just who sees past. Around three on the boat, and he that is dead yet lives. The good race over, although community maybe not finished with battle. Brand new belongings separated of the get back, therefore the guardians equilibrium the fresh new servants. The long term teeters into the edge of a knife.

Who’s the 3rd top/people off Aes Sedai happy to kneel to Rand whenever they get in touch again? (Pg. 749)

Who’s another “annoyed animal/rabid monster” one to checked Tarabon (because harmful since the Rand) and you will is actually reported so you can Pedron Niall from inside the a page?”

Who has got POV what the sub-section into the Page 319-320? As to the reasons did he state he does not have enough time remaining? Try the guy perishing? (Guess: Noal?)

Exactly what was basically Verin’s recommendations for Beldeine whenever she utilized a lighter version of Compulsion on her about Aiel tent?

Who was brand new significant guy which have purple hair when you look at the a blue cotton finish eavesdropping on Elayne, Egwene, and you will Nynaeve in the Tel’aran’rhiod? One other guy eavesdropping on other end used a good Shienaran layer.

Who was simply the fresh yellow-haired woman with plenty of precious jewelry you to definitely fought Cyndane with a beneficial Ter’angreal and is stronger than Cyndane? Pg. 542

She phone calls him “my wildling”

  • “You are sure that where to find the person whom concerned me personally yesterday? Get a hold of your, and you will tell him We agree, but there are more than just i chatted about.”

Why is Masema ending up in Seanchan and just how performed he get a page of Suroth? (Guess: Masema is a beneficial Darkfriend?)

Just what are all the Aes Sedai carrying out during the Silver Swan in Caemlyn? As to the reasons performed an Aes Sedai being at the fresh Gold Swan Inn within the Caemlyn speak about Cadsuane, and why performed a special Aes Sedai shush their unique, about remain whatever they had been saying of eavesdroppers?

Just who murdered Anaiya along with her Warder, and later into the Kairen Stang (dos Bluish Ajahs)? They certainly were slain with Saidin, around the wagons to your south-side of your camp. What was indeed Anaiya along with her Warder performing there if you’re everyone was sleep? (Guess: Halima aka Aran’gar?)

What’s the fascinating facts about the Nynaeve that has the Red-colored Ajah Sitters buzzing and you may giving siblings to analyze at the Cairhien? (Guess: this was whenever Nynaeve are permitting Rand wash the newest taint idk when the Shadar Logoth is within close distance in order to Cairhien or perhaps not)

Just who betrayed Egwene’s secret propose to wreck new chain growth surrounding Tar Valon? Who is Elaida’s wonders representative from inside the Egwene’s go camping? (Guess: Lelaine)

What’s the other reasoning Elayne let the Borderlanders cross. Because likelihood of the brand new Borderlanders inducing the most other Houses to service Elayne were unsuccessful? (Guess: One thing about the Black colored Tower?)

She calls him “my personal wildling”

  • „One or more reasoning We allow them to mix Andor still holds. Although she don’t acquire the brand new throne, she had complete you to provider to have Andor. Unless anyone who did use the throne bungled things totally.“

As to the reasons have been the Aes Sedai which swore fealty so you’re able to Egwene (Nisao, Myrelle, Faolain, & Theodrin) a portion of the delegation to the Black Tower? Did individuals purposefully need reduce men and women devoted in order to Egwene?

Can there be a benefits to your scar to your Saerin’s cheek? This has been said double in 2 courses now. (Guess: I was thinking she try Mesaana but which had been debunked)

She phone calls your “my wildling”

  • Rand senses their particular somewhere in the brand new Northern. He assumes Arafel

In which did Logain wade ”scouting” and exactly why performed he just take step three really effective out of the new Asha’man which were loyal so you can him?

Who was the feminine Picked than simply Isam met with and you may provided your instructions so you can destroy al’Thor? (Guess: Graendal otherwise Lanfear that have a great weave out of Illusion)

Why does Mat keep seeing Rand shaving in the event that Ta’veren color swirl in the head? In my sexiest Philippin fille opinion it simply happened a couple of minutes during the last few guides.

As to the reasons performed Egwene at random ask if the Tremalking try an integral part of Tuon and her Seanchan’s possessions among the many Dragon’s Peace Pact having Rand? How does she want Tremalking free of new Seanchan’s handle?

P.S. as to the reasons did most of the fantasies/visions on series carry on saying one Mat are dicing having the new Ebony You to? Made it happen imply that he had been just moving their luck sometimes or always at risk? I consider the fresh new Dark One try corrupting him once the he discovered brand new dagger in Shadar Logoth however, i don’t know. Sorry to your enough time post however, thank you for people make it easier to will give with our concerns. I can finally take in this subreddit today without worrying in the spoilers :)